The Game featuring Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator “Martians Vs. Goblins”

Tyler the Creator and The Game! I never listened to the R.E.D Album so I had no idea this collaboration existed. Nor was I really checking for it since I haven’t really cared for the Game in years. I will say this though, the Game, is a master collaborator, something like a Lil Wayne in his prime (remember when Wayne was featured on everyone’s album and song?). In the Game’s case, it seems like he gets the collaborators on his album but he’s never on theirs. Oh well. Tangent aside, take a gander at the latest video from the Game featuring Tyler, the Creator for the track “Martians vs. Goblins.” Btw, this song begs the question, why is this even the Games’s track? Shouldn’t it be just Lil Wayne vs. Tyler, the creator trading lyrical barbs back and forth?

Watch the Matt Alozondo-directed video below, via


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