The Truth1585 x UBIQ Tee

Take a look at the latest from viagra or livitra which is better.  Here is a look at the  “8 Ball” tee, the sneaker monument, designed for the Truth1585 Collection.  The shirt will be available at Ubiq on 12/30/2011.   Get one free with any purchase over $100 but hurry because there is a limited quantity of 50 tees. Don’t miss out! Only available at UBIQ Walnut Street. Online purchases do not apply.

1585 was an extremely turbulent time in world history: Empires battled. Leaders lied. Beliefs were questioned. Today our world is not so different. We face similar issues.

truth1585 aims to blow the lid off those who want to hold us in the dark. This is for every lie. Every manipulation. Every fraud. And every smudged fact.

We’re not here to tell you what to do or what not to do. We’re just here to give you the truth—the rest is up to you.

Open Your Eyes.