UNDRCRWN’s new “Greater Than” series now Available


UNDRCRWN’s new “Greater Than” series ends some of the greatest debates of our generation with these definitive tee shirt statements. UNDRCRWN crowns Manny greater than Floyd, Mike (Michael Jordan) greater than Kobe (Bryant) and Jay greater than Wayne (Lil Wayne). However there is an option for those who are naive enough to think Wayne is greater than Jay-z. There is even an option for those who consider Steve Jobs greater than Microsofts Bill Gates.

The “Brand for Champions” is crowning winners in every category. Do you agree? I’m personally a fan of Jay-z greater than Wayne but I will have to wait until UNDRCRWN hit’s us off with a Floyd is greater than Manny and a Kobe is greater than Lebron (I’ll leave the Michael vs. Kobe arguement alone.)

Because there can only be one winner. UNDRCRWN’s new “Greater Than” tees end some of the biggest debates of our generation by crowning winners in nearly every category. Most innovative, best basketball player ever, the people’s champ…. Whether you agree or not, we’ll give you the option. These pieces are sure to stir up conversation (or debates) wherever you go.

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