GRITS & BISCUITS: A Dirty South Set- The D.C. Edition (Part II)


The Return of the Highly Regarded, and Critically Acclaimed “Grits & Biscuits” is upon us . . .

GRITS & BISCUITS is back in D.C. for some down home Dirty South booty droppin and pelvis poppin!

E.Z.Mo Breezy Presents GRITS & BISCUITS: A Dirty South Set – D.C. Edition – Part II

Who: All us professional folks that need to get loose!
What: GRITS & BISCUITS Party – D.C. Edition – Part II
When: Saturday, January 14, 2012 @ 10pm
Where: Liv Nightclub – 2001 11th Street NW, Washington, DC
Why: It’s time to get out of that suit and kick them heels off!

DJ Square Biz will be spinning Dirty South music all night long!!!!! UGK, Outkast, Lil Wayne, Luke, 2 Live Crew, Cash Money, No Limit, Rick Ross, and more!!!!

This is a place to come and dance like you are still a Freshman in college (w/ a legit ID and after proper stretching of course)!

21+ to enter with valid ID

Dress code – aint one
High siddityness – frowned upon
Dudes – a plenty
Gals – in abundance
Drank – pouring up
Heat index – high
Suit Jackets & Mr.Rogers sweaters – rookie mistake
Heels – rookie mistake
Perms – At your own risk
Naturals – Extra shea butter
Stretching – strongly suggested

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