Santigold Has A Name for Her New Album

In May of last year, we got a new track from cialis online pharmacy entitled “Go” featuring Karen O. Back then, there was no mention of what album that track would be on, but now the Philadelphia native has given word that she is indeed releasing a new album and it will be known as Master of My Make-Believe. cialis online pharmacy (formerly known as Santogold aka Santi White) sat down with V magazine to discuss the album and the direction for this latest work of music.

“My record is called Master of My Make-Believe because I want it to be about creating your own reality. I have a song called ‘The Keepers’: ‘we’re the keepers, while we sleep in America our house is burning down'”, she said.

Santigold also mentioned a view of the producers and collaborators on this project.

“It was a very lonely process. I worked with Greg Kurstin on three songs, Switch on several songs, and Dave Sitek [of TV on the Radio] on one song. I worked with Nick Zinner [of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs] a bunch on writing and he played too.”

Now if only we can get a release date soon! Make sure you read the rest of the article on  as Santi speaks on several subjects including her creative process when it comes to recording and song writing.