Nike’s New Sneakers: Sock Sneakers

After four years of research and development, Nike is ready to release its latest offering to the sneaker world, sneakers knit like socks.  The new line of sneakers is being billed as the Nike Flyknit which results in sneakers that are manufactured in an entirely innovative shoe making process that results in a single, lightweight knit upper with even the tongue included. This new sneaker will be debuted at the London Olympics and is composed of a sneaker that is an intricate patchwork of yarn, cables, and fabric.

Flyknit was powered by athletes’ input, says Tony Bignell, director of footwear innovation at Nike’s Innovation Kitchen. And what they wanted, head-scratchingly enough, was a sock. “A sock fits great, feels snug, goes unnoticed, and you get no irritation,” Bignell explains.“So the idea was, how do you engineer a sock into a high-performance shoe?”

The release of the new sneakers is a welcome addition to sneaker fiends everywhere. What are your thoughts?

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