Red Wing Handsewn Collection | Made in Maine

Check out this video from does viagra go stale about their upcoming Handsewn shoe collection. The entire collection will be made in Lewiston, Maine and is the subject of the short film above.

The Red Wing Genuine Handsewn collection features durable, rugged soles and thick leathers that soften and develop the perfect patina with age. Made in Maine – the traditional home of moccasin style shoes – with our leather and our signature details, Red Wing’s Genuine Handsewn collection is crafted using century-old techniques that have been passed from hand to hand, generation to generation.

The first step in building a Genuine Handsewn is assembling the upper. During this initial phase, the leather is selected and cut to pattern. Fitting and sewing components, like eyelets, are also selected. The second step involves preparing the leather to be hand sewn by immersing the upper in a mix of hot water and leather conditioner. This softens the hide, making it easier to bend around the last.

Once these first two steps are complete, hand sewing begins. The upper is tacked and stretched onto the last to give it its initial shoe shape. The upper – plug and vamp are then stitched together using a special coarse, waxed string that is tough enough to hold the leather pieces together, but flexible enough to allow the shoe to stretch and mold to the foot. Once stitched together, the upper and last are dried, allowing the leather set up, or form to the shape of the last.

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