Play Cloths 2012 Summer “Wildlife Capsule” Collection Delivery 1
Play Cloths releases the looks for their 2012 Summer “Wildlife Capsule” collection which by the name clearly has a very wildlife infused theme. The collection features animals: Tiger, Leopard and Zebra (I wanted to use ferocious to describe the animals but the Zebra is clearly not). The items seen here will be part of the first delivery from their Summer 2012 collection and features tee shirts, tank tops, shorts, socks, snapbacks and more. The collection is now available from Play Cloths retailers and online on on May 1st.

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Channeling their animalistic wildside, Play Clothes derives from the prowess of three of our wildlife’s most famous animals: Tiger, Leopard and Zebra, applying the strength of their prints to the 1st delivery of their Summer 2012 collection, ‘Wildlife Capsule’. Although an already acclaimed set of designs, Play Clothes makes each pattern unique by offering matching sets of tank tops, tee shirts, shorts, socks & snapbacks. The collection also includes a collaborative set of head pins of the famous three, by GoodWoodNYC. ‘Wildlife Capsule’ comes available on April 28, and can be found at all Play Clothes retailers, followed by an online release come May 1 at


As summer’s approaching, Play Cloths have released its season’s lookbook that showcases the brand’s forthcoming ‘Wildlife’ capsule. It’s exactly what it says it is, as summer staples of vests, shorts and caps get the animal treatment with leopard, tiger and zebra all-over prints. They’re all worked well into the collection, but if they’re too wild for your taking, there’s a couple of tees that simply bear one of the animals heads.