Young Guru Interview: Speaks On Jay Electronica (Video)


Young Guru speaks on artist Jay Electronica and whats going on with his album

We all went crazy when Jay Electronica finally released his Just Blaze produced western district texas bankruptcytrack last week. My excitement was slightly abated when I realized there was only one verse from Jay Electronica on the track and as great as Just Blaze’s production is, listening to an instrumental for 3 min is not a song. In the clip above, Jay-z’s engineer and frequent Jay Electronica collaborator, Young Guru, addresses some of the rumors surrounding the release of Electronica’s Act II album which features “Dear Moleskine.” Watch the video above and hear from Young Guru as he shares what he knows about the project. Young Guru iterates that album will be out when it’s out, and also goes on to say, “everything that you want… it will be that, and more.”

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