The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) “Made In America” (Teaser)

women's cialis reliable gives us this teaser video for Jay-z and Kanye West’s latest video “Made in America.”  Take a look and look out for the new video soon.

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While gearing up for the European leg of their Watch The Throne tour, Jay-Z and Kanye West serve a much too short teaser for their new vidoe “Made In America.” While the placement of the “H.A.M” instrumental might be distacting, it looks like the clip will consist of tour footage and recording studio impressions. Or could we be wrong and this is the new album title for Jay-Z’s 12th album? Why not speculating a bit? Stay tuned.



With Jay-Z and Kanye West gearing up for the European leg of the Watch the Throne Tour, they’re revealed a teaser trailer for “Made in America.” Forgoing using the backing instrumental for the original track in favor of “H.A.M.,” the brief black and white teaser utilizes concert footage as a whetting of the appetite of sorts. Perhaps the most interesting bit of speculation from the clip is that this is in fact a teaser for Jay-Z’s 12th studio album. Nothing like a little bit of mystery to get the weekend started.

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