A New XBOX 720 for $299 coming in 2013?

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A recent leaked document that may be from Microsoft hints at the next generation of XBOX gaming, aka the Xbox 720, coming in Fall 2013.

The document, which has since been taken down, was dated August 2010 and describes an Xbox featuring native Blu-ray playback, full support for HD and 3-D, and beefed up hardware (graphics and processor).  The document also mentions PVR functionality which allows a device to continuously stay on like a cable set top box thus allowing the Xbox to serve as the hub of a digital entertainment center.  This bodes well for Microsoft as they currently offer numerous services on the current Xbox platform ranging from ESPN to Hulu and Netflix.

Also included in the leaked document are hints at the second generation of the popular Kinect system. The Kinect 2 will be released and will be an “incremental” upgrade to the current motion controller, allowing four players to simultaneously play with the Xbox. It will feature a dedicated hardware processor, a more accurate camera, and a higher-quality microphone for voice recognition. Smaller apartments will also be able to get in the mix, as the Kinect 2 will be equipped to deal with spaces that are closer, wider, and deeper. Also, and here’s the megaton, Kinect 2 can be controlled by players that are sitting down.

A new project, dubbed Project Fortaleza, which is basically Kinect glasses, will launch in 2014. The glasses will be a wearable computer that act much in the same way as Google’s Project Glass. The goggles will augment reality with an interactive digital overlay. Microsoft will initially pitch this as a way to enhance gameplay, but intends for a 4G cellular version to ship for every-day use by 2015.

It all remains t be seen if the document is real and if an Xbox 720 is really coming. Makes a lot of sense though.