Drake Gets “Punk’d”

During a special episode of Punk’D during the MTV Movie Awards, Drake is subject to an old fashioned punking by Ashton Kutcher. Watch the video above.

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Drake appears on a special episode of MTV Punk’d during the MTV Movie Awards 2012 pre-show where Ashton Kutcher makes his return to the show. See what happens in what may be one of the best bits on Punk’d in a while. Shouts to Yardie.

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Ashton Kutcher returned to his post on Punk’d Sunday night for an extra special episodethat aired before the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Kutcher wanted to kick the star wattage up a notch, and he did just that by pulling pranks on Drake and Kim Kardashian. For the record, Drake got it way worse. Check out what when down, plus some fan reactions after the jump.

During the spicy episode, he pulled two certain-to-be memorable fast ones on reality-TV starlet Kim Kardashian and Young Money rapper Drake.