Mishka 2012 Snapbacks

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http://uristocrat.com/can-you-buy-real-viagra-online/ dropped off an email chock full of Snapbacks. Read the release  below:


Hey y’all. I know we just dropped our full Summer 2012 collection, complete with a bunch o’ snapbacks, but that doesn’t mean that the snapback droppin’ party train stops rolling. In fact that train really rarely stops, except for when I have to watch Survivor on Wednesday nights and also sometimes I have to take care of my neighbors dog and it slows down a little then too because she is old and needs to be fed these pills at specific times. But for the most part: party train. Rolling. We’ve got 8 new styles that are three different drops. Here’s numero uno.

And this particular train, like the one from Back To The Future III, is travelling through time. All three of these designs come from the Мишка Archives, and are making a special second appearance with colorways new and old. Still looking fresh after all these years! First up is the Heisman Snapback, which comes in black-on-black and white-on-black, and will stiff arm almost any other snapback you throw at it. This Death Adder will snag the pick six every time. Football.

Then there’s the Screaming Skull Snapback… yes, that’s right, our first New Era hat ever (!) and one of our most beloved designs, the Screaming Skull, is back in snapback form. Trippy bro. There’s been some updates to the design as well. The skull, which used to be regular old homo sapien, is now the cyclopic Simon skull. The texture of the hat is a best-of-both-worlds mix between the two treatments the old hat came in (regular and bulletproof). It’s still lightweight, but it retains a plasticine sheen as well. Finally there’s the fucking awesome Parental Advisory Snapback, an old favorite I still see around, back here in neon yellow. Now that’s a snapback drop. Available now.

And I told you that we won’t stop! We may have already debuted 5 addition snapbacks that go beyond what we already launched with our Summer 12 collection, here are 4 (count’em… four!) more for you to get right now. What sort of crazy pills are we hopped up on, amirite? First up is a hat I know a lot of you have been waiting for for a while now. Originally teased way back in our Spring 2012 Lookbook, sported by Danny Brown, the oft desired Adder Nation Snapback is finally available, and it comes in two colorways!

Pledge allegiance! For something a little more industrial, you need to get your grubby mitts on the ETDC Snapback, a totally destructive vision of mechanized menace! We’re not fucking around with any of these snapbacks, which is why we amed this bad boy No Nonsense. ETD. Keep Watch. Cyrillic. Black & Red. No Nonsense homies. Finally, theres the Sticks and Stones Snapback, featuring a graphic we originally used on a tee, and is based on Calvin Johnson’s old Olympia High tee. Now that’s how you drop some snapbacks.