P R E S S U R E, Rochelle Jordan

These past two summers have been very good for the R&B circuit. On the male side, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean have dominated.  On the other end, Jhene Aiko sailed us through the summer with her EP Sailing Souls. She is not alone though. Hailing from Toronto, Rochelle Jordan released her free-ep http://uristocrat.com/payroll-cash-advances/ last August and it’s been getting play ever since. Remember that 90’s jam “Shawty” by KP& Envy? Rochelle breathed new life into the already smooth track, even if it was for less than 2 minutes. Other stand out tracks from ROJO include “Stars Align” and “How to Feel”. Currently, the Toronto songstress is wrapping up her second project, Pressure, to be released this summer. Rochelle Jordan definitely has that 90’s vibe with the lyrics to back it up. On top of that, her hair and style is admired by males and females alike. Watch the Pressure trailer and also take a listen to her feature on Wingate’s single, “Just for the Night”. If you like what you hear, definitely download ROJO and hold tight for P R E S S UR E.

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