The Hill-Side & Co. Summer 2012 Collection

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The people behind Hickoree’s and The Hill-Side, are actually one and the same  of out of an office in Brooklyn.  Today, the two brands have cross-pollinated and decided to create a special project that would take full advantage of this relationship; something that could only be done by Hickoree’s and The Hill-Side working together.

Brands that are carried at the Hickoree’s store were asked to make their signature pieces using fabric from The Hill-Side. The result is a collection of wentworth miller dui. 62 of the products are made in the USA, 2 in England, and 2 in India.

Thanks to this project, 5 signature chambrays from the Hill-side were transformed from neckties into a cialis pills uk; leaf camo print has become a pair of Left Field chinos (and a Parrott Canvas tote bag and Owner Operator anorak); and indigo floral discharge print is now . . . a Mast Brothers chocolate bar.

In a way, the project is the answer to a question Hickoree’s has been getting for a while: “The Hill-Side uses such awesome fabrics — when are you going to start making clothes?”

The companies represented in The Hill-Side & Co. collection are run by some pretty cool people.