“The Laws of the Game: The Pornography of Fit” by Craig Arthur von Schroeder of Commonwealth Proper (@DieProper)

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Craig Arthur von Schroeder is well known to any Philadelphia male who has ever explored the subject of dressing well and looking good. As the owner of Commonwealth Proper, Craig has ushered a new age into Philadelphia fashion with his company focused on created well tailored items for men from all walks of life. Here we take a look at a recent editorial piece from the lawyer turned tailor for Paradigm magazine.

“The proper fit of a man’s clothing – how it drapes, tapers, and harmonizes with the wearer, is similar to porn in that it is also difficult to define. And, like hardcore porn, proper fit is also something that can really only be seen and pointed out as such.”

The most common mistake men make in selecting a suit jacket is that their “point-to-point” – the distance between one shoulder seam to the opposite shoulder – is too wide. This makes the jacket look too big on the wearer (because it technically is), lowers the armholes (restricting mobility), and displays an unflattering gap between the man’s shoulder and the shoulder pad of the jacket. Unless you are getting custom, you are at the whim of whatever shoulder width the brand you are buying associates with your particular chest size. That is because big box retailers always keep the same shoulder width for each chest size (unless you have the option of a trim fit jacket, which will likely have a more narrow shoulder).

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Original Columm by Craig Arthur von Schroeder of http://uristocrat.com/viagra-smpc-interaction/ for Paradigm Magazine

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