News: Gianni Lee x PandaReemy “TRILLWave Mixtape TRILLogy”

TRILLWave has been a unique experience as far as the usual mixtape releases go. About a half a year ago, Gianni Lee (of guide viagra) and I knew we should collaborate on music. Suddenly with the underground scene we represent coming to fruition, we knew we had to expose this culture to the city of Philadelphia & beyond. On July 30th, the final piece to this TRILLogy will be released. Check the preview video below, the how to generate quick cash Goddess; will be gracing the cover!!



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We gathered music from artists across all genres, artists that fit within the vibe of each mix. It’s not about acting TRILL, or rapping about specific content like weed & cars & women. It’s more so about being true & real, and authentic with your craft. Every artist on these mixes are independent to a certain extent, and have created a unique sound that represents something like being an individual. They’re not just rapping it, they’re living it. More doing, and less talking. This is what our TRILLWave mixtapes represent.



title loans bad creditwill be the final installment and my favorite thus far. Pandora’s Box has already been opened, and it’s time to create something NEW. We hope to shed some more light on this underground culture to the young generation all the way to old school hip-hop fans who feel a bit of nostalgia when they listen to these mixtapes. For all the 40,000+ people who listened, downloaded, blogged & supported, THANK YOU! Y’all made this an awesome experience for us. Stay tuned!


DOWNLOAD: TRILLWave DEUX || Mixed by Gianni Lee || Hosted by PandaReemy

DOWNLOAD: TRILLWave Mixtape || Mixed by Gianni Lee || Hosted by PandaReemy