Apple Break Down Their Brand New EarPods

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Perhaps the sole letdown in‘s enviable line up, the ubiquitous white earphones have never been up to the exacting standards of the rest of Apple’s products. Considering that music in an integral part of many Apple products, the earphones have been a common source of complaints for Apple users and have been almost universally panned by audiophiles and everyday users alike. Amongst the headline grabbing releases of the past week, Apple have quietly introduced what may be one of the most important updates for the company in recent memory, the new Apple EarPods. Featuring a revolutionary rather than evolutionary design that’s been three years in the making, the new EarPods look set to right the wrongs of the previous earphones. Having extensively studied the wide-ranging geometry of the human ear, the Cupertino-based company have created a new set of earphones that can accommodate a wide range of ears with a unique design that intentionally directs sound right into the ear canal. Leaving no stone unturned, the new earphones feature a series of ports designed to optimize acoustics. Watch as Head Designer Jonathan Ive breaks down these revolutionary new EarPods.

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