Carhartt x Waara Skateboards CRUISER BOARD

Carhartt and Finnish skateboard brand, Waara, are collaborating on a new cruiser board and here we have more detailed images of the deck. The decks are made from only Finnish birch plywood, the handmade decks are carefully crafted using a traditional technique, and come complete with a skate bag and laser ingrained logos that brandish both Carharrt and Waara’s in one. The only thing unfortunate about these pleasantly basic boards are their limited availability; only 110 pieces are made to be sold worldwide for €155 EUR (approximately $194 USD).

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With a history of more than 120 years since its establishment as a work wear brand, is currently “also attracted attention in the line of casual fashion from Europe “.  Is also known that we are proactive support to the action sports such as BMX and skateboarding, in recent years, a capsule collection with skateboard brand “5BORO” in New York that attracted attention in 2012 S / S season still fresh in memory place. We chose to partner following link us to overlap closely with Carhartt street scenes of various countries, handmade Cruiser skateboard brand from Finland “Waara ( buy viagra singapore ) “.  It specializes in making delicate using traditional techniques such as intarsia, Waara, the material is adopted all wood from Finland. Dedicated skate bag using a brown duck with a laser engraved logo of both brands, symbolizing the Carhartt comes with a deck of this collaboration. Limited edition of 110 worldwide sales. photos © Gabriel Engelke photos © Bertrand Trichet Carhartt × WAARA CRUISER BOARD (8.25 x 32.5 inch) ¥ 29,400 ■ Info. Carhartt Tokyo Store tel.03-3402-9810 -Wip.Jp Www.Carhartt