Kanye West Questions Hip-Hop’s Use of the Word “Bitch”

Another Day, Another cialis online generic viagra Twitter Rant. Following his http://uristocrat.com/tag/asics-gt-ii/ performance, the rapper went on twitter to address the topic of the word “bitch” in hip-hop lyrics. Opening with his uneasiness about the word he asked the question on two folds, the latter using the word “bitch” in comparison to the word “nigga”:




Going on to a recent question put to him about the use of the word in his music he sounded out:



He closed on the fact that he sometimes goes back to omit cursing from his records, and that he likes to use profanity “as a tool and not a crutch.”

What are your thoughts on Kanye’s revelations, and what’s your view on the use of the word in hip-hop lyrics. Leave your comments below