SUBMiT – Grady


SUBMiT of Atlanta releases the video for his latest track, “Grady.”  Described in  SUBmiT’s words:

I called the record Grady because of the reference to Grady Memorial Hospital and what it means to Atlanta in general. It’s a reference that pretty much only people from Atlanta would get so it was really just me paying homage to my city. It’s that last line where I say “I’m the illest in Atlanta, Grady”. It’s a reference, as well as a challenge. It’s something I want people in Atlanta to hear and start looking my way. As far as my own thoughts on the record, it’s just a freestyle format verse. Just something to display my own skills on record. Starting the song out “Know what it’s like to hear any beat and know you gon’ slay it” is a testament to where I am creatively. I feel like I’m getting to a point where I can rap on anything and deliver quality product.

Be on the lookout for his new album Window Seat, to be out on November 11. Presented by HYPETRAK.