Tupac Hologram Creators Declared Bankrupt


The curators behind the Tupac hologram that appeared at auto loan guidelines this year have filed for bankruptcy. Digital Domain Media Group, who names Academy Award-winning director James Cameron as one of its founders, suspended trading on its shares yesterday and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Having only commenced trading as a public limited company back in November 2011 with a floated share price of $9.20, Digital Domain accumulated debts of $214 million and its share price plummeted to just $0.55.
http://uristocrat.com/2014/03/hgr-compound-classic-bronx-nyc-recap/img_1702/ reports that the company had initially expected lucrative contracts off the back of the Tupac hologram appearance, as well as working on several high budget Hollywood productions such as Pirates Of The Caribbean, Titanic and the Transformers series. But their accumulated debts have proven to be the cause of their demise.