Us Versus Them 2012 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Us Versus Them gives us a good look at their 2012 Fall/Winter lookbook.  The lookbook takes inspiration and many of its images from the Bonneville Salt Flats – the home to a freeing spirit closely associated with International Speed Week. The motif of the entire lookbook revolving around the motto  “young at heart.” The lookbook features items including flannel button-ups, 13 oz. Japanese denim and duck cloth trousers. This latest collection is now available through the Us Versus Them online store.

From the Us Versus Them Blog:

As some of you might have noticed at this point, especially if you follow us on instagram ( @mikeglory /@senorwoodgrainjames / @grahamversus / @chopemdownfilms ), a large portion of our photoshoots or lookbooks revolve around road trips. To us the road trip is about discovering new places, exploring paths seldom taken, experiencing things outside your daily routine. As we get older, a mundane existance slowly hardens the enthusiasm for the unknown that we relished as young kids. If nothing else, it truly keeps you young at heart. After years of fantasizing about taking the trip up to Bonneville to witness the spectacle that is International Speed Week, we crammed into my truck with an ez-up, cooler full of beer, sleeping bags, vintage camera lenses I just picked up and some of the Fall 2012 line to shoot photos of. Nothing better than mixing business with pleasure, right? We met people from all over the world and everyone was just stoked to be there, running their machines on the sacred salt.

Along the way is the small town of Ely in the Great Basin of Nevada. Drawn in by a painted freight car advertising a “Ghost Train”, we came across an abandoned set of century old coal cars along with what looked to be an abandoned sleeping car. By the time we got back on the road we were already decided on heading back this way soon.

We’ll definitely be making the trek back up next year, with vehicles in tow. Hope to see everyone again on the salt!

For a more in depth look at the pieces in the Fall collection keep checking back with us over the next couple days. I’ll be posting up some of my favorite pieces and talking about some of our graphics this season. Head over to our store as we start to release the product over the next week.

About Us Versus Them

In 2005, Us Versus Them opened up what would become a groundbreaking boutique and art gallery in Southern California, providing an outlet for those interested in skateboarding, bicycling, and art. UVT co-founders Graham Nystrom and Mike Glory infused their artistic backgrounds along with their influences stemming from punk, sociopolitical conditions and local environment to create a line bearing the same name as their boutique: Us Versus Them.

Shortly after the line was created, James Banuelos came on board bringing his experience and background from growing up in Santa Cruz’s surf & street scene. Together, along with a tight knit & diverse crew of friends, they have brought their own aesthetic and message far beyond their Southern California stomping grounds.

Southern California is widely recognized for its varying backgrounds and cultural diversity, which largely influences UVT designer Graham Nystrom’s approach to the brand’s aesthetics. The apparel line has seen an expansion from heavily graphic-centric pieces to a continuously evolving cut & sew line that includes workwear inspired garments, but adjusted to include additional details making each piece UVT’s own. Since UVT’s inception back in 2005, the brand has rapidly become recognized for its broad appeal as it can’t be pigeonholed into a specific genre.