Video: 100ML – Walt Fraze

I can’t front, I almost slept on Walt Fraze‘s album; BLUE (DOWNLOAD). But I downloaded it right before my trip to California, threw it on my iPod, and it has been on REPEAT ever since. This was undoubtedly my favorite song on the tape, and coincidentally is the video I’ve been seeing posted everywhere. The somber visuals, stark lyrics, and sinister beat makes it a welcome addition to my “Late Night Lurking” playlist. Not to mention, the amazing job that Brain Bandits did visually. It brought everything full circle and showcased the song in such a great way that you get a sense of who Walt Fraze is. S/O to the Dirty Middle Class collective, and the homie Paul Brown (of Nobody Special, whom I previously blogged about HERE) low key lurking in the video.



Song: 100ML
Artist: Walt Fraze
Album: #BLUE


Video by Brain Bandits
Shot & Edited by RDBN & Glassface | @BrainBandits