Amazon, Google, Ikea and Apple Amongst the World’s 10 Simplest Brands

In the world of design, users and critics alike tend to throw around the word “simplistic” a bit too loosely when describing a product or brand. Although true in some aspects of use, we can see products like the iPhone, renowned for its easy to use software, is in fact a complex device serving thousands of practical functions. Nevermore, self-proclaimed critics will now have real data to back or disprove their position as we now have a calculated index that actually defines brand simplicity.

By polling more than 6,000 consumers on the brands they find to be the most comprehensible, Siegel+Gale’s Global Brand Simplicity Index questions the clarity of promotional materials, the usability of websites, your actual experience with the company’s products and much more. The report then quantifies simplicity’s dollar value across industries. What did they discover? Most importantly and likely obviously, brands like Amazon, Google, Ikea and Apple top the world’s simplest brands lists for their straightforward product lines and services.

Additionally, we learned consumers are willing to pay a premium for these experiences, social media outlets are not among the simpler brands in the world and health insurance as well as banking institutions are two industries standing to make the greatest gains from “simpler products and experiences.” The report can be viewed in its entirety cialis packungsgro?en.

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