Authentic American Style with Alyasha Owerka-Moore

A man firmly planted in the world of streetwear with roots alongside brands like Phat Farm, Alphanumeric, Fiberops, Mecca, Droors, adidas Originals and more, San Diego-based designer and streetwear pioneer daily cialis blood pressure peyronie's disease was tapped by to be an ambassador of its new Authentic American Style series. Here, in two new videos from the American-based athletic footwear mainstay, Owerka-Moore shares insights on his roots in Massachusetts and Brooklyn, the organic nature of his evolution from amateur artist into professional designer and his inspirations from 1950s Brooklyn and the D.I.Y. nature of skateboarding before touching on the respective establishments of both Alphanumeric and Fiberops, as well as the desire to design outside the realm of current trends.

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