Breakbot – Two Out Of Two

Thibaut Berlan is one safe bet. The Parisian DJ/producer, commonly known as dui ga, has been providing the world with dancefloor-friendly feel good vibes. Whether it be an official song or electronic funk-led remixes for the likes of Justice, Röyksopp, Metronomy and Air, ‘Bot does not disappoint. As part of the always compelling Ed Banger family, he has been one of the very few without a full-length release, until recently. His debut album By Your Side delivers everything that his rich catalog has promised so far. The album’s vibe is cheery and fairly forgivably cheesy due to Breakbot’s talent for producing impeccably crafted, feel-good pop songs. Reason enough for us to meet up with this eccentric artist and have a quick chat.

By Your Side is your first ever full-length effort. How do you feel about it? How did the conceptualization and production differ from your previous EP releases?
I feel pretty good, it was a long process, so I’m happy I can share the songs with the people now. I can move on to the next step, and finally get back to work. The production process is no different from the previous EPs, it’s just a bigger amount of work!

What is your desired reaction from the people while listening to your album?
I want them to have feelings, whatever they are.

How do you evaluate the EDM scene these days and where do you position yourself stylistically?
Lots of good and bad things. I don’t think so much about my stylistically position in EDM, and I refuse to do it, I think it’s pretty lame thing to do. If people want to put me in a category, it’s fine by me, I just won’t do it myself.

Who was your biggest musical influence, and why? How do you adapt this to your sound?
My biggest musical influence was Michael Jackson. I don’t know how to sing, so I make friends sing for me. Of course there is no revolution going on with my album, because most of my influences are pretty retro, but in my opinion a good pop song never gets old.

You are on tour a lot. What is your favorite city, country, venue? And why?
I love to play in Sydney and Tokyo, it’s very far from home. I guess I like these cities because they are exotic and awesome.

How did you first get in touch with Ed Banger and how did you connect to them?
One day, I was running naked while playing the flute in a stadium at a Paris Saint-Germain soccer game, because I wanted to become famous at all costs. Pedro was in the audience, he saw me and decided to sign me on his record label.

What does a regular day at the Ed Banger offices look like?
It usually starts around 6:30 in the morning. Pedro and Amandine answer approximately to 4.245.000 emails, give dozens of phone calls, have a few meetings. Around 7 p.m. they turn into crazy party werewolves.

What made you choose Alka Babir as the bad-tempered girl in your latest video “One Out Of Two”?
Actually Irina Dakeva made this decision, as she was the director of the video. I agreed to that choice, cause the character fits her perfectly, she is very talented and she’s also a very good friend of us.

How does the video translate to the feel good vibes of the song?
It’s a cinematic interpretation of the song. I think it captures not only the good vibes but also its melancholy. I think that once again, Irina made a terrific job on the video. She was also the director of the ‘baby I’m yours’ video.

Where can we catch you on tour?
I’ll be touring in Europe till the end of the year, in Australia and Asia in january 2013, and then South America and America.

Any last words?
Yes. Waterslides.