Casa Buchupureo by Alvaro Ramirez + Clarisa Elton

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“Location, location, location” or so the saying goes, is generally the most important aspect when looking at a new house. With that in mind, the owners of Casa Buchupureo must have really been adamant that they be near water, as the house is situated right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Designed by the architects viagra what does it can and bankruptcy lawyers in cleveland ohio, who happen to live in the house as well, this small cabin forgoes unnecessary luxuries in favor of a spartan interior and that fantastic view. Crafted from local pine, the cabin is composed of two structures linked together with a deck; one structure serves as the bedroom and bathroom while the other serves as a living and dining room with kitchen. Simple in execution and design, this house goes to show that stunning architecture need not be overwrought and expensive.