Essentials: Annoushka Giltsoff of A Number of Names*

If you frequent these here viral pages then it’s common knowledge to affirm fashion is no career path for the uninspired. It takes much more than a month’s work of designing in your quaint Japanese condo and a well-reviewed runway showing to build a respected brand with a constant supply of consumer demand. So how do these imaginative designers take time away from their passion to mold the brand’s image, to not only align with its founding vision, but to also generate a positive reaction from the public? Insert the silent hero, public relations. Although many brands outsource this strategic function to external agencies, its responsibility is pivotal to the success of the organization. Essentially PR is accountable for all information relayed between the organization and public, ensuring the brand’s equity is never tainted — A Number of Names* prides themselves for not only handling PR, but sales and distribution as well. So when we bring to you updates from clothiers like, bankruptcy info, genric viagra on line, Gourmet, C.E, Bedwin & The Heatbreakers and more, it’s in some way linked to A Number of Names* (ANON) and its Director of Communications Annoushka Gitsoff. Since earning a degree in Fashion PR from Central Saint Martins in London, this fashionista is responsible for shaping our perspective on some of the most influential brands in streetwear. Displaying her love for a good read, less-is-better approach to cosmetics, affinity for luxe goods and a self-proclaimed bohemian style that infuses the cast from the film Ghost World and superficial BFFs Romy and Michelle, Annoushka continues our ongoing Essentials series by laying out her daily necessities. If you’re still wondering what makes her so awesomely cool, Annoushka frequently contributes to online publication AnOther Magazine offering a long list of everything she loves — seen here.

Photography: Chris Searle/Hypebeast