ILL-FITS: The Walking Dead

ILL-FITS: The Walking Dead

As Hypebeast’s readership continues to grow, so does the size of our inbox. From props and complaints, to linesheets, aspiring brands and PR companies, we are constantly getting hit up by many of our loyal readers for various reasons. We’re making a conscious effort to respond to all of you guys and with the help of our contributing editor and native New Yorker, Robert Marshall, we’re creating a new Op-Ed installment titled, “ILL-FITS.” Primarily intended to answer the messages from all of you style advice seekers, Robert Marshall will tackle one of your questions and we’ll post it up here for you to contribute to the discussion.

So with the latest cannibal uproar popping up in America and our inevitable extinction coming in December of 2012, I need to be prepared for a possible zombie apocalypse. As Hypebeast’s resident style advisor, what sort of clothing should I grab from my closet or loot from a vacant store?

Start with immediately trashing any thought of adding unnecessary armor to what should be an extremely agile outfit. Zombies lack our inherent problem-solving skills so don’t expect one to grab a firearm and start dumping rounds proclaiming “Riverside!” Subsequently, there is no need to consider chainmail, Kevlar, etc., as it will only weigh you down when you should be at any moment ready to
move. The idea is to remain light while shunning loose garbs, affording you the ability to travel though various terrains without snagging on the surrounding environment or being easily snatched by someone tripping on bath salts.

Additionally, and very importantly, your feet should be laced in some military- grade hiking boots, with options ranging from Dr. Marten’s to Nike’s SF Boots. All-purpose footwear plays a key role in this survivor’s kit, as much of your traveling will likely be by foot. This may also be a perfect time to break out those selvedge denim jeans you picked up, providing durability, a thick
shell, and an opportunity to get those fading whiskers you always wanted. Alternatively, cargo pants will likely be the best choice for toting reasons. Continuing with a technically synthetic or canvas
jacket if necessary, add a moisture repellent top, wool socks, comfortable under garments, and lastly a tactical backpack. Since an apocalypse may not provide you enough warning to find the ideal outfit, keep in mind that what you wear should be light in weight, durable to stand the test of time and harsh environments, tough enough to prevent any minor bites from reaching the skin and sure, a little swag can never hurt. Society may have been destroyed but our sense of individuality will always remain intact.

– Robert

Photography: The Hundreds