Lil Wayne Reportedly Hospitalized Again After Second Seizure

More bad news regarding‘s health have arrived. According to dui checkpoint apps, Weezy has suffered another seizure, his second in 24 hours. The New Orleans native was on a flight from Texas to LAX when he began to convulse. The flight was immediately diverted to Louisiana and Wayne was admitted to a local hospital for treatment and has already been released. Although there have been claims that the story of the second seizure is false, TMZ is still positive that their “story is correct.”

His health situation could derail his trial as Wayne was not able to testify on Friday as scheduled. Just before noon on Thursday, the judge was informed the rapper had a seizure out of state and was going to the hospital, so the court date had to be cancelled.
Weezy is suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary QIII did on him, claiming it’s a “scandalous portrayal.” It appears “unlikely” that Wanye will be able to testify on Monday and there is a “real chance” Wayne will not be witness ready for a significant period of time. However, the case is being heard by a jury, so is possible that the judge will not grant a continuance because it would unduly disrupt the jurors’ lives. Stay tuned.