My 5: Don Trip’s Sneaker Rotation

If you don’t follow Don Trip on athens dui lawyer, you’ve been missing out this month. During October, the Tennessee native has been revealing his extensive sneaker collection day by day leading up to his latest mixtape, “Help Is On The Way,” which releases today. Along with his hashtag #aPAIRaDay, Don Trip has unveiled one pair of Jordans each day. Therefore, it only made sense for us to catch up with Trip on the day his mixtape drops for an edition of bankruptcy advice. Out of the 31 Jordans he revealed this month, check out the five he laces up the most.

Don Trip

Don Trip: “The 13 is one of my favorite Jordans ever. I really like the look of it. I wear the “Flint” 13s a lot, but I also like the white and red ones. Oh, I wear the “Playoff” 13s a lot as well.”

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