8FIVE2 x Vans Syndicate Seylynn “S” Video

http://uristocrat.com/tag/alo/ is a footwear line from federal student loans bankruptcy for its commite to authentic skateboarding. Here we take a look at collection from Vans Syndicate and 8FIVE2 which featureslimited edition Seylynn “S” coming in black and imperial blue. The sneaker also features 8FIVE2’s iconic graphic with five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree flower camouflage. The 8FIVE2 x Vans Syndicate Seylynn “S” will be available at the 8FIVE2SHOP located in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong on December 1 for $790 HKD (approximately $101 USD).

8five2 X Vans Syndicate Seylynn commercial from Anthony Claravall on Vimeo.