Bob Sheard on Brand Authority and Substance – Part 1

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Bob Sheard posted a profoundly engaging piece on creative agency FreshBritain’s cialis non-prescription, that which details his thoughts on brand authority and the notion of ‘substance.’ Sheard insists that it’s the ‘substance,’ the material and feeling on which a brand was originally founded, that makes for a company’s lasting success. He further asserts that when a brand loses this, they also lose their ability to communicate with their consumer and ultimately, sell their product or idea. In essence, Sheard points out the importance of a brand sticking to its roots, as well as being immersed in their niche market. While this may seem obvious, he gives an example of several successful companies that lost this along the way, and how FreshBritain sought to alleviate this. An interesting read for brand managers and consumers alike, this brief article serves as a great reminder to always stay on point.

Beneath all of the best brands is a substance, which makes their authority in their field almost unshakeable. The thing, which gives brands substance and authority, is closely related to its truths. UVU is a great example of a brand that has a strong strand of truth, which buoys its authority and substance. Of course there is a good name, nice imagery but what underpins that is the fact that UVU has been tested to extremes previously unheard of. It has been product tested more extensively than anything else out there. It is proven; it has won all the races it competed in and that is a big pull for consumers to connect with. It is the best because it has shown itself to be so.

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