CHUP 2012 Fall/Winter New Sock Releases

Created by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists GLEN CLYDE, (“Classical Human’s Universal Peace”) specializes in earth-friendly, aboriginal-inspired hosiery. The label was launched in 2009 and has since made a name for itself with collections of pattern-heavy, culturally-rich products for one’s feet. CHUP’s designs and production processes, meanwhile, pay tribute to the earth and aboriginals worldwide through the inclusion of traditional family emblems, textiles, construction techniques and recycled Eco Yarn. Every pair of socks is made on a special stocking frame machine and due to the extensive, complex nature of their production, are available in limited numbers. For Fall/Winter 2012, CHUP returns with another collection of patterned goodness — Nordic motifs with crystal snow flakes, Salish and Cowichan-inspired designs and Mexican “serape” shawl references. As always, every pair is made in Japan and knitted with blends of cotton, acrylic and nylon.

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