Coca-Cola Clothing 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

In July of 2012, The Coca-Cola Company amassed an astounding 1.5 billion consumer impressions in the month alone. Without a doubt, Coca-Cola’s influence on pop culture is as impressive as it is provocative. The brand’s influence has recently stemmed into the realm of high fashion, with the brand hiring a team of designers to venture into an admittedly surprising foray. At Fashion Rio, Coca-Cola offered a varsity sport-inspired aesthetic for their 2013 fall/winter collection. Where some may make the brand name synonymous with ‘corporate’, others will find minimal branding throughout the range, which makes a refreshing use of mesh, neoprene and other materials. Coated sweatshirts, patterned jerseys and an ambitious use of color complete the line, all of which work to set this collection apart from many other designers.

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