Daniel Johnston

As I made a rushed attempt to get to my seat, I noticed Daniel Johnston’s pajama inspired ensemble immediately, as it only sets the tone for his anxious display of mannerisms. His shaking hands draw  your attention to his raw, frenzied image. His hands were occupied between songs by drinking multiple bottles of water without ever finishing the last. The strict opera based venue setting kept an attentive and calm crowd. The most enthusiasm was shown as Johnston advised the crowd to settle all problems of today before tomorrow and he began “Grievances”. In true Daniel Johnston form he explained how much he loved singing The Beatles, prior to covering “You’ve Got to Hide Your love Away.” He ended the set by granting the audience luck for their christmas wishes, and had his fans excited once again as he closed with “True Love Will Find You In The End”. Daniel Johnston’s performance validated the true insecurities displayed in his songs through his anxious actions and ability to sing each song as if he still feels every emotion the song represents. I would say this night was typical of Daniel Johnston shows, meaning it was real.

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