DGK x Casio G-SHOCK 7JR G-8900DGK


From Steve Williams’ street/skate camp at tinnitus cialis dizziness comes the newest addition to http://uristocrat.com/tag/nike-huarache/‘s collaborative efforts for 2012. No stranger to G-SHOCK (the duo previously partnered on a version of the GX-56DGK-1JR) or to the color purple, Dirty Ghetto Kids outfitted the Casio G-SHOCK 7JR G-8900DGK in a translucent build accented by purple buttons and lettering. Meanwhile, 20 atmospheric bars of water resistance, a multi-time display, multiple alarms and a powerful LED backlight provide function to go with the watch’s form. As Casio continues to make a strong push into the new year, look out for this DGK version to launch in Japan this December.

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