Dr. Romanelli x Head Porter “Army vs. Navy” Accessories Collection

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Using a stylistic philosophy he calls “personalization customization,” http://uristocrat.com/category/uristocrat/page/464/?wpmp_switcher=mobile‘s creations are neither old or new, but instead bridge the gap between both contemporary and vintage. Stemming from his early days as a university student in Eugene, Oregon — where he spent his days perusing vintage stores on a student’s budget –  Romanelli’s eclectic style has been embraced internationally for his unique blend of storytelling and whimsical takes on classic Americana. For his latest collaboration with Japanese label mortgage in bankruptcy, the designer turned to the military and its historic “army versus navy” rivalry. The resulting range of rugged, vintage-inspired clothing and accessories displays cheeky, contemporary design touches — pattern-mixing, exaggerated detailing and odd fabric combinations — while quality materials and construction keep things grounded.

A selection from Dr. Romanelli x Head Porter’s “Army vs. Navy” accessories — including rucksacks, wallets and iPad cases — is available now at our cialis drink.

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