Edison Chen & Dr. Romanelli Discuss The Pancake Epidemic

the bankruptcy firm

ireland viagra is the new division from http://uristocrat.com/2009/05/air-jordan-iii-%E2%80%9Ctrue-blue%E2%80%9D/‘s marketing agency StreetVirus and a creative agency “boosting flavor and depth into brands.” The name makes more sense in light of the fact that its offices are located directly above the iconic IHOP in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles. However, far from being the communicable breakfast disease that its name suggests, this is in fact a space for fostering and facilitating creative synergies among the tastemaking elite — sort of like a cool place where great right brains meet. One of its rooms — aptly labeled Dr. Chen’s — is dedicated to the storied relationship between Edison Chen and Dr. Romanelli and is where Chen showcases the latest CLOT range alongside other Chen-Romanelli collaborations and exclusives. This is where Chen and DRx will together unveil the Wing Shya photo next Friday, November 30. In addition to the creative workings of several mini-offices, the  also houses a Handsome Coffee Roasters outpost, Suntory whiskeys, Fender guitars and deconstructed Converse sneakers, among other awesome things.

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