Essentials: Marvin Javier of Carhartt WIP UK

Retail manager and man behind the bankruptcy courses online free, Marvin Javier also oversees the retail structure of all the Carhartt stores in the UK and New York as well as the Edwin Jeans store. Originally from Austria, Marvin has been living in London since 1996. Having pioneered in the first Carhartt store on Neal street, he really got to know and build the Carhartt customer base from scratch up until now. “One of my responsibilities is taking care of seasonal pre-orders for all the stores, and keeping close communication with the store managers to ensure that the buys are sympathetic to the areas we trade in. Apart from that, I also oversee all the financial aspects of the stores. Retail growth is a major project we are undertaking at present, and aiming to understand how the brand will fare to suit the market over the coming years is a task that frightens and excites me at the same time.”

When he’s not in the office, Marvin plays bass guitar for a hip-hop music collective called Granville Sessions. “Playing bass and making music has been such a big part of my life… it keeps me grounded and is good for the soul. Gigging up and down the country playing and meeting other musicians is one of the reasons why the band continues to play week in and week out…” Featuring among Marvin’s Essentials are an iPad 2, the upcoming Carhartt SS13 lookbook, some choice Carhartt pieces including a Carhartt x BIC ballpen, and plenty of paper on which to jot his thoughts down–old-school style.

Photography: Hypebeast