FADER 83 the NOW issue cover artists: Miguel & Christopher Owens

http://uristocrat.com/2012/11/i-am-benga-episode-two/ has just announced the covers of its annual NOW issue, on newsstands December 11. Gracing the covers of The FADER’s 83rd issue are recording artists generic cialis with dapoxetine online, and singer/songwriter CHRISTOPHER OWENS in two in-depth, exclusive interviews.

Online now, The FADER has just premiered its feature with Miguel. Associate Editor Duncan Cooper and photographer Gabriele Stabile spoke with the artist weeks before the release of his second album, Kaleidescope Dream, and just before the start of “The Chapter V World Tour” with Trey Songz, a 29-city tour, beginning November 17th. With an inside look at the artist’s personal life at his home in Los Angeles, the article summarizes the artist’s rise from the initial release of his first album, All I want Is You, in 2010, to receiving the highest slot on Billboard’s R&B Chart with the song to remain 2012’s longest No.1 on the R&B charts for nine consecutive weeks, “Adorn”.

Read the Miguel Feature here…

“I was exclusively marketed as an ‘urban artist,’” he says with air quotes, “and I mean that in the most generic way. But I have never been one to live within a stereotype. My lifestyle has always been alternative in comparison to what’s expected from an ethnic male from Los Angeles. With my first album, not only was I being misunderstood, I was misunderstood, and it was distracting people from the music. Now, I want to make sure that everything I do is the best, most rounded projection of who I really am.”

“Nowhere does Miguel’s tireless self-cultivation and dogged willpower pay off more than in his live show…He flips his pompadour head-first through Little Richard gyrations, leaps to the left and staggers in a dramatic James Brownsian fashion. His shows are the expression of hard work; what Miguel lacks in natural grace, he makes up for in crowd-rallying shows of effort. When guitars wail, cymbals crash and Miguel’s perfect falsetto rises above it all, it’s surely impressive, but what’s most endearing is the way he works for it. His breathing slows, he quiets the band, he falls to his knees. Then he roars.” – Duncan Cooper, The FADER Issue 83

Check out Miguel’s first performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight at 12:30 EST as he performs with The Roots.
The exclusive interview with Christopher Owens will appear online at TheFader.com on November 27.