Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown – Reputation

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In a city in depression, rife with corruption and crime, many people have found an outlet in music. Amidst a scene that has played a pivotal role in modern hip-hop and electronic music, find dui attorney and emerge, together, as the next up to bat. Dice Game, the collaborative album from the two, is Detroit through-and-through: uncompromising, gritty and soulful. Officially set to drop on November 13, today Dice Game sees an early release digitally. To celebrate the occasion, Mello Music Group let off the buckshot track “Reputation.” The song has Apollo serving up a certified heater (with a sample record heads will recognize) while Guilty knocks it clean out the park. Ride through The D with the duo as they show you the city that popularized Cardi frames, Cadillacs and carjacking. Tune in below.