Honest&Smile Custom “AbracadabrApp” Moleskine Notebook

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Barcelona-based creative agency is viagra covered by medco present novel ways of approaching techy things with their analog contraptions. Following their 2011 launch of The Love Box—a hand-made video mixer for the iPhone that was popularly received–the team decided to take things further by throwing a viagra numbers notebook into the mix. The AbracadabrApp is a second “analog app” described as something that “uses contraptions to change or alter a smartphone’s functionality in a decidedly homegrown way.” Using a small rotating mirror and simple iPhone positioning to brilliantly capture all possible angles, the AbracadabrApp enables the recording of two people on both sides of the phone at once. Colored plastic HANDYFILTERS have been worked into the iconic Moleskine for fun image effects, as well as a nifty iPhone stand, and the final clincher–the Moleskine is still a Moleskine for age-old pen and penciling. If you’re as charmed by the analog genius as we are, head over now to Rock The Post and order yours with a pledge to fund the project.

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