Ingo Maurer and Baccarat UNICEF Snowflake

Acclaimed German lighting and industrial designer Ingo Maurer partners with leading French crystal manufacturers to present the largest outdoor chandelier of its kind–the viagra in canada no prescription Snowflake–which hangs above 57th Street and Fifth Avenue throughout the winter season as a symbol of hope for the world’s children. The iconic UNICEF Snowflake has 12 double-sided branches adorned with 16,000 dazzling crystal prisms handcrafted in the small village of Baccarat, France, is 23 feet wide and over 28 feet tall, and weighs more than 3,300 pounds. Enthusiasts and philanthropists can now also have their names engraved upon the New York City landmark while helping children around the world in need. For a minimum donation of $500, you can have your name, the name of a loved one or a special message engraved on an individual Baccarat Snowflake crystal that will be added to Maurer’s UNICEF Snowflake. You will also receive an exact replica of the engraved crystal to keep as a memento along with a certificate of authenticity signed and stamped by Baccarat. Donate wholesale cialis.