KRINK Updates Its App with New Markers and Features has released the v1.2 of its app available on itunes. Compatible with everything from generic sunday cialis to iPad the appa allows you to simulate the use of Krink markers on your personal devices. Whether it be editing an exsiting photgraph or creating a brand new design from scratch with the app you can save you new creations and even post them on social media. The updated version of the Krink app brings you new colors K-42 blue and K-66 in green, yellow, blue and pink to add to the original selection whilst all colors have been updated to further replicate their real life incarnations. With the ability to use new background colors as an eraser and a news section linked up to Krink’s instagram page the v1.2 has become much more user friendly and given customers the opportunity to create whatever they want. The app is extemely simple to use so it makes no difference if you are an accomplished artist or just a young enthusiast you can start creating and sharing your Krink work today.

Available at through iTunes.

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