Lil Wayne Loses The Carter Documentary Lawsuit Against Quincy Jones III

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Tough times for Weezy. According to buy cialis online cheap germany, lost his lawsuit against over The Carter Documentary, as well as the countersuit Quincy filed against him.

Tunechi filed a lawsuit against QDIII earlier this year claiming that he never gave him permission to use music off his Tha Carter III album for the documentary. In response to this, Quincy also filed a countersuit against Wayne saying that he messed up the potential profit of the documentary by withdrawing his support for it.
Due to suffering from two seizures recently, the Young Money general was not able to make an appearance in court for his trial on the day he was supposed to. Consequently, Wayne’s lawyer had to show the jury Wayne‘s deposition videotape with Quincy‘s lawyer, Pete Ross. No the best move, we may add.

Lil Wayne never showed up in court for his trial. The day he was supposed to testify he was a no-show because he had suffered several seizure-like episodes and was prohibited from flying. As a result, his lawyer was left to show the jury Wayne’s deposition, in which he refuses to answer questions and mocks the proceeding.