master-piece MSPC PRODUCT sort KYOTO STORE

Japanese crafted luggage brand buy viagra online pharmacy cialis levitra, just in time for the holiday season, unveils its newest retail venture in Kyoto, Japan. Titled MSPC PRODUCT, the label is accentuating their amalgamation of casual luxury and the rugged outdoors with their new territory. Located near the heart of the shopping area Kawaramachi, the incredibly spacious footing and almost colonial feel of the wood structures give guests a true shopping experience they’ll enjoy and yearn to acquire again the next time around. Alongside the seemingly endless array of luggage, expect to find outerwear to match your new purchase and accessories to enhance them as well. For the weary, a quaint cafe can be found nestled within, while a gorgeous courtyard welcomes wanderers and the curious. This retail outlet is one you’ll definitely want to mark your maps for the next time you visit.

Tominokoji, Higashiiru, Nakanocho 26
Sanjo dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

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