My 5: Action Bronson’s Sneaker Rotation

Action Bronson says we can expect “a full musical experience” from the Rare Chandeliers album with Alchemist, releasing tomorrow, November 15. The Flushing Queens native has taken his heavy NYC flow on tours across the globe, but his style remains consistent. He chooses not to wear pants under any circumstances, and traces his love for New Balances back to a friend pointing out that “when you take pictures the reflector is beaming so you will always standout”, and, oddly enough, his mother wearing them. Though he told us his “standard outfit is a pair of black shorts, a grey t-shirt, and a blue or black hoodie”, he has been in the sneaker game for quite a while, and we had a chance to discuss Bronsonlini’s current sneaker rotation in the latest installment of dwi lawyer albuquerque.

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New Balance 998 “Made in the USA”

Action Bronson: “It’s just the perfect shoe. Style-wise it’s classic.”

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