Nick Wooster for Dockers Men of Style “Get Dressed Like You Mean It” Video

For the sixth and final installment of their Get Dressed Like You Mean It series, turns the lens on much-buzzed-about fashion icon Nick Wooster. Having featured the likes of Mickey Rapkin, Jared Flint, Sean Hotchkiss, Marcus Troy and Lawrence Schlossman in the past, Wooster discusses a man’s need for a “uniform” as well as the idea that how you dress is a direct reflection of what you hope to achieve on that particular day. The Dockers Spring/Summer 2013 collection appropriately dubbed “Get Dressed Like You Mean It” is designed to equip guys with a solid foundation of refined yet rugged wardrobe essentials that through their versatility and acute attention to detail take the guess-work out of “what-to-wear” and “how-to-wear” it.